LUKÁŠ BENEŠ  ·  CEO, Headquarter, Printer

JANA HADRAVOVÁ ·  coCEO, Logistics, Informatics

PAMELA CAMPAGNA ·  Graphics, Oversea Consultant

THOMAS OMI SCHEIDERBAUER  ·  Graphics, Undersea Consultant


Franz Kafka once wrote in his diary · · “If I had not been an insurance agent, I would have had a small publishing house. But then I would have been happy and therefore wouldn`t have written anything. Which would have made me sad”.

Even if he had written this, which obviously he didn`t because we’ve just made it up, we couldn’t agree less. Why not writing anything should make one sad? Isn`t it wonderful to create books for insurance agents and other agents? We think it is! Va Beneš was born to supply the world with beautiful, meaningful, playful, authentic, unpretentious, cute and tralala books.